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Virtual Office Support & Life Coaching

Preferred Names: 

Ms. Lena or Lena Christine or Queen Lena


My Mission: 

It is my mission to supply the best service possible to each and every client.


My Goal: 

To create services and programs that inspire, empower, build, and establish long-lasting success for small business owners and individuals. 


I AM...

  •  a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a fur-parent.
  • sassy, yet respectful; bold, yet humble; professional, yet very down-to-earth. 
  • the "idea" girl, your "girl-Friday", and so much more.
  • a certified Life and Start-up Coach from the Transformation Academy. 
  • creator of the Rising Phoenix Transformation Program.
  • an empath, mystic, and spiritualist
  • constantly growing and perfecting my skills and talents.
  • okay with knowing that my program or services aren't for everyone. 

Meet Your New VOA and Life Coach: Salena Hatcher

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  • 2D Graphic Design
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Form Creation
  • Data Entry
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Start-up Support
  • Online Research
  • Web Design
  • Webinar Creation
  • Event Support
  • Travel Support
  • Coaching Support